Reminiscing Yet Again

I miss my good, old days when I was still in the Police Department. I retired three years earlier because I thought that I needed to enjoy my life more, but then, I became bored at home when my wife died and I decided to host tours around the museum as a diversion. I love it, but there are times that I wanted to go back to the force, but I could not. My work now is very laid back and I think that my body misses the adrenaline rush of catching muggers and criminals downtown.

I remember when my partner, Ralph and I had nightly surveillance when we were tailing a Chinese drug lord in the city. We were having hotdogs and strong coffee to help us be more alert and then suddenly, we heard gunshots. I immediately radioed our department asking for help, while Ralph latched his gun off. We saw a man running towards an ally and he was carrying a big, blue duffel bag. Ralph and I decided to run after him, but unfortunately, I suffered a sprained foot in the pursuit and it was so painful that I could not stand straight. I told Ralph to go and do not worry about me. I added that I would just call for the medic, as I am sure that they are already on their way with the reinforcements. After a couple of minutes, I have heard sirens from everywhere and then I saw Ralph holding the blue duffel bag, but the guy wasn’t with him. I heard him telling our chief that he slipped off quickly and he did not have a clue on where he went.

Ralph ran towards me as he had seen me limping with a paramedic. He told me that he shot the guy that we were after, so he just threw the duffel bag and ran his ass off. I asked him what was inside the bag. He told me that it was all cocaine and it costs about more than our lifetime, as we both chuckled about it. He added that he already turned the bag over to our chief. Meanwhile, the paramedic told me to keep icing my sprain to keep the swelling down. He also gave me a couple of pills for the pain. He also advised me to get an x-ray first thing in the morning as I could also acquire sinus tarsi syndrome. He also mentioned that I should be more careful next time.

Ralph asked me if I was all right and I told him that I am okay. I asked him a favor if he could drop me home, as I know that Sherry is worried about me. We pulled over in front of my house and I saw Sherry went outside. She panicked a bit when she saw me limping. I told her that I was not shot and I needed more ice for my sprain. I also told her about what the paramedic advised me and she said the she would love to come along later to the hospital with me.