Pregnancy Blues

Sherry and I have a son and his name is Carl. He too was devastated by her mom’s passing last year. He did not even came to her mom’s funeral. He just stayed in his old room, staring blankly at the wall. I tried to understand him as we all have our own ways to cope with problems. We rarely see each other as he now lives in Houston, Texas and living with his own family. I am glad that he contacted me a few days ago and he told me that he is coming for a visit here in Pennsylvania with his family. I asked him about the reason on why is he visiting and he told me that he just wanted to take time off and he wanted to see his old man. I was so touched with what he said to me. When Sherry passed away, I felt so alone because my son and I were not talking that much so I just spent more time working at the Art Museum as a diversion.

I remember when Sherry became pregnant with Carl. She was so ecstatic and excited. We both wanted a baby boy and our wishes became true. She had a hard time dealing with her first trimester of pregnancy, as she always felt sick with anything she smelled around our home. From the flower blooms in our garden to the Chinese take outs that she used to love before she became pregnant. Every morning, she spends an hour a day dealing with her nausea and vomiting. I felt bad that all I could do was hold her hair whenever she was vomiting. I told her about it and she said that it was always enough that I am always beside her.

Dealing with her second trimester was better as her pregnancy symptoms gradually came off. The only thing that made her worry was stretch marks was starting to appear on the breasts and she wanted them to come off as soon as possible. I explained it to her that it was normal because of her sudden weight gain, but she still insisted that she get a consult with a dermatologist.

The doctor told her that stretch marks gradually fade in time. It normally occurs when your body grows faster than your skin and it cannot keep up with it and it causes the elastic fibers under the skin to break, developing to stretch marks. She wanted to get rid of them so she asked the doctor about how to remove stretch marks faster. The doctor suggested that she could put Retin A, Lextrin, Vit E oil or egg oil over the stretch marks once or twice a day and they are proven to dramatically improve the appearance of stretch marks. The doctor added that she could also take Vit C supplements as it can help lighten the marks. However, if these treatments do not work as much as expected, she can undergo laser treatments and surgery after she gave birth.

I am glad that Sherry finally was contented with what she heard. She told me that she would try the less invasive and cheaper ways to deal with her marks first and I agreed. I do not want her to undergo any kind of surgery just because of her vanity.