The Long Awaited Weekend

When our son, Carl was younger, he sure had a penchant love for pets. He used to have two dogs, a hamster and two lionhead bunnies, similar to those at His most favorite among them were the bunnies as he always bring them wherever he goes. He even tried to sneak them inside their school once and his school principal reprimanded him for it. I was in the police department during that time finishing my reports and the principal called me to get my son from school. I did not get mad at my son because I know that he wanted to show them off to his classmates. Instead, I suggested him to invite his classmates to our house on weekends so he will not be scolded again by their principal. He thought that her mom and I would not let him and I told him that if he ask us properly, we would let his friends come for a visit.

Carl was so excited because his friends would finally have a chance to meet his pets especially; his two bunnies named Bugs and Buzz this coming weekend. He spent a lot of time in front of the computer and he was printing many pages. I became curious about it so I asked him on what he was doing. He gave me a page and told me that it was about common bunny facts that he would love to share to his friends. I told him to ask his friends not to get too rowdy as our dogs might howl at them and they might get terrified. As I was off to bed, he gave me a page and told me to read it if I also wanted to learn things about bunnies. I hugged my son and told him okay.

I entered our bedroom and saw Sherry putting some lotion on, while ready a magazine. I gave her the paper that Carl gave me and joked that it was for her. She was wondering about why our son would give her information about bunnies and I could not stop keeping a straight face so I laughed loudly. I told her what our son was doing and she found it adorable. I asked her if she was busy this weekend because I think that Carl needs supervision. He also needs snacks for his friends and she already got what I was telling him. She told me that I needed to go grocery shopping tomorrow and she is going to take care of them this weekend and we both agreed.

The long awaited weekend for Carl finally arrived. He told us that they will be arriving at 2pm. I reminded him with what I told him about the dogs and he understood. Sherry told her that she will be serving chocolate pudding, waffles and ice cream for snacks and he was excited about them too. His friends started arriving one at a time and they were so courteous and polite. I also saw some familiar faces as some of his classmates were also our neighbors. I am glad that our son has many good friends.

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Grieving Period

My wife died a year ago and I was devastated by what happened. She died of a stroke and not one of us saw it coming. She was not fat as she keeps her body lean and strong. She often goes to the gym when she has spare time. She was even stronger than I was. I did not really get it until her doctor explained that heart attacks are not just for overweight people that has high cholesterol and high blood pressure because it can also be hereditary meaning that it can be passed on by your parents or grandparents.

It took me a while to accept what happened to my wife. I did not go out that much as I just stayed inside my room and wept. I was so used to the world that I always have her on my side, supporting me with all the things that I wanted to do and now she was gone. I did not eat that much so I lost 30 pounds. Our friends became worried about me so every day, one of them would come by and they keep me company. They tried to help me deal with my pain, but the thing was that no one really could help me if I do not want to help myself. It took me sometime to realize that.

One night, I was having heavy chest pains and I thought that I was going to die. I called my friend, Rick and told him about my condition. I called him because he just lives across the street so he came quickly to help me. He called 911 and I was brought into the hospital. The paramedics took my vital signs, but they told me that my blood pressure was not that elevated enough to cause me chest pains relating to hypertension. The doctor who was at the ER that time also said the same thing.

Rick told the doctor what I was going through and he referred my case to the psychology department because he suspects that I was having anxiety chest pain. He told me that I should get a complete blood workup to be sure about my condition and he was right. My blood workup came clean. The doctor even joked that my results looked like a test of a 30 year old.

The psychologist knocked on the door while I was resting. Rick opened and he talked to her. He let her in and the doctor asked me if she could talk to me alone. I agreed as Rick told me that he is just going to the cafeteria and he asked me if I wanted something. I shook my head as he closed the door. The doctor told me that I needed a grief counsellor and she could be one if I wanted to. I asked her if it was really needed and she nodded. She told me that I also needed to take supplements for anxiety, like those mention at, in the meantime to prevent further complications. She also asked me to visit her once a week just to talk about my feelings because it was causing me misery as I keep it buried inside me.

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On Growing Old

Growing old is only a state of mind, a process of something that is naturally occurring and cannot be stopped no matter what we do, and no matter if we like it or not. That is the prevailing truth as of today, but who knows, they might find a way to reverse this process in the future for all our collective sake.

So can we really do anything about it? Yes it is obviously inevitable, but can we somehow delay or prolong its onset knowing quite well that everyone of us were born already dying and growing old, even in our mother’s womb? The answer simply is no. There is no other way around it and no escaping it, it is absolute.

If that is so, then we must therefore learn to live with it. Accept it as it is and be resigned that it is happening to us all the time. What we need to learn is how to live our lives fully, never wasting any precious bit of it, and learn how to grow old gracefully, if not happily.

Me? I am reluctant to accept it but I am already old in years, having spent quite some time in this life of mine. I am already retired and we might safely say that I am already on the homestretch of my journey and only waiting for the time that I will get to see my lovely wife again inside the pearly gates.

I am also experiencing the ravages of time and my body is not as it used to be. The once easy task of climbing stairs and running, a given during my time as a police officer, is now arduous labor that I do no longer look forward to. I am now like an old bed that has lived its purpose very well, complete with all its creaks and cracks.

One tell-tale sign that I have which points directly to my growing old are my arthritis in fingers. Not only on one finger and not even two, but a whole lot of them. I even have it on one of my toes on my left foot, so I hate to think it is somewhat spreading itself all over my body.

The pain is thankfully bearable and I haven’t had any obvious bending on my fingers just yet, I only hope it does not come to that. If you ever experienced having had any sprained finger then you will know what it feels like to have arthritis, it’s the same dull throbbing pain.

But besides those things, there are no other indications of my growing old. Thankfully my hair is already white since the beginning so no problem with that too. I am living my life like I was thirty or something and my mindset is in tune with that. I find it much better also to live life counting your blessings rather than to count the aches associated with it. We’re getting old you and me. If you want things to be better, then acceptance is key.

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baby feet

A welcome Visit

It is a very nice blessing when the newest member of the family come visiting. I have had that pleasure this afternoon when one of my children brought my newest grandchild here for a visit of sorts. They came from the doctor to have her checked out and I was close by so they thankfully decided to come see me.

Well I am not really up for anything and I do not have much else to do. Retirement really does get on your nerves some days and the lack of things to do will get to you often. Them visiting me is really a very nice break from the monotony of everyday, kind of like a beautiful rain shower in the midst of drought sort of thing.

Well they visited me alright but things were not as bright as they should be as my grand-daughter was suffering from newborn diarrhea among other things I suppose. Even though she was still a baby for all intents and purposes, you could clearly see she’s been suffering from her illness.

That ever present smile that has been her trademark the times that I see her was not visible, and no matter what I do, I can’t really bring up one, so maybe she’s really been feeling it. Diarrhea on a normal grown human being is tough to endure, what more if you are just a baby like she is.

My daughter said that she got it from feeding too much the past couple of days. She said she was a beast on her breast, pardon the words but those were the exact same words my daughter said to me. She says it was like she was feeding like she never fed before and my daughter felt it on her breasts, which was now apparently a little sore.

The doctor told my daughter that what was happening to the baby was just natural and that she will pass through that stage of new born growth spurts like any baby does. I asked my daughter about what has growth spurts got anything to do with the diarrhea that the baby was experiencing right now.

Well she told me that the doctor explained to her that baby growth spurts comes with ravenous feeding from the baby, as the baby needs such huge nutrients to get to grow such quickly at such a short time. That sudden influx of big amounts of milk to her stomach causes the diarrhea to happen as the baby’s system is not yet adapted to such happenings.

Now all my daughter had to do with regards to the baby’s sickness is just to keep breastfeeding her and to always be wary of the baby being dehydrated. I am a little bit perplexed about the way things are going, the baby got diarrhea from consuming milk and the way to treat it is to keep consuming it.

Well I’m not an expert to such things and I take the doctors word for it. I’m just very happy that they are here to visit me, diarrhea or no diarrhea.

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