strong sun

Honeymoon at a Foreign Land

My wife, Sherry has always been a beach bum ever since she was younger and before she died. She always made a point to be healthy and fit all year long, so she can always flaunt and look good wearing a bikini at the beach. Every summer, we went to the beach and do stuff like snorkelling, scuba diving and playing catch with our dog, Rusty. She always see to it that we both put sunscreens an hour before we go out under the sun to prevent second degree sunburn. We learned that we really needed to wait for an hour before we go out and stroll under the sun the hard way.

About thirty years ago, we had our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand and we had a blast out there. Their beach is regarded as one of the best in the world and I agree about that. We spent a whole day beach hopping and still, we did not get to see them all. I love the laid-back scene at Kata and Karon beaches. The blue, serene and calm beaches with the ambient sounds of friendly waves was surreal. It was a perfect honeymoon if not for our sunburns. We thought that it was enough that we put our sunscreen on, and what we did not do was to let it dry first for an hour. We had a hard time finding a pharmacy, which sells a burn ointment because they were saying that they ran out of stock. Fortunately, we encountered a pharmacist who was so helpful that he taught us a household remedy of vinegar for sunburn. I did not believe him at all, but Sherry and I did not have a choice, so we went to a restaurant and asked them if we could get a small amount of vinegar for a price. It was a good thing that people there were generous as they gave us a half full or half-empty bottle, depending on how you see it, for free. We thanked their manager and told him that we were going to use it as a remedy for our burns. He shared that many foreigners suffer that same fate because they underestimate the sun’s rays and we agreed and told him that we learned it the hardest way possible.

We directly went to our hotel room and applied the vinegar on our backs and arms. It was soothing, but it smelled weird and we did not care because it was working. There was a free computer with an internet service inside our room so I searched the web about it and it was all true. I have read that vinegars are antiseptics that will help our wounds heal faster. If not for its smell, I will also use it outside.

Sherry and I were both relieved that we have something to treat our burns for the meantime. We asked the concierge of the hotel for a pharmacy that has a stock of burn ointments and they told us that they could buy one for us.


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Time to Move on

My wife died a year ago and working in the art museum makes me sane. I still miss her a lot and I often see her in my dreams. I told my friends about it and they tell me that I need to move on with my own life and be happy. They added that I could not keep dwelling on my past because it will just cause me more misery and loneliness. I know that I need to do it, but I do not know how to start.

Every day, I work as a tour guide around the whole museum and I meet many nice people from all ages. I love meeting people in museums because we have the same interest and that is art. I met Kirsten three weeks ago and she is very pretty, charming and kindhearted. I do not know what happened, but I was drawn to her easily. Maybe it was because she was easy to talk to, no pretensions. She was surprised to learn that I used to be a cop. I smiled at her and asked her about what kind of profession does my look emanate and she joked that I looked like an old, grumpy, Math teacher in middle school and we both had a laugh about it.

Since then, we have been going out once or twice a week and it has been great, but I just cannot help it when I compare her with my wife. I told my friends about it when we were drinking and they told me that I should not do that because it is unfair to the new girl that I am dating. They added that in my eyes, no one would ever come close to my wife. It was sad hearing them say that, but it was the truth. Another friend of mine asked me if I knew the Myer-Briggs Indicator Test or MBTI. I told him that I have read it somewhere that Forbes Business executives use them on their hiring department to determine which person is best for the job. He told me that I was right, but he added that it could also be useful to my love life. I told him that I could not make Kirsten take that silly test because that is going to be awkward and stupid. He told me that it is not really a test and it is just four choices that will take us a minute. He added that she would need to pick from Extraversion and Introversion, Sensing and Intuition, Thinking and Feeling, and last but not the least, Judging and Perception. From there, we can figure out if we are compatible or not. I told him that I would give it a shot on our next date.

On our date, I told Kirsten about the MBTI and she laughed because she was also thinking about it. She shared that she is in the INFJ relationships and I told her that I am in the ENFJ relationships. We found out that we both have strong personalities, as we can be intense and direct, but at the same time very warm and nurturing. I told her that I do not believe in these tests, but sometimes I need to. We both laughed and had a great date.

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My Life in a Page

How to get over someone that was so priceless like my wife was my never-ending plight months ago. I was glad that I was able to cope with it through the help of professionals and my friends who never got tired of talking and helping me, even though I was so annoying and very unreasonable that time.

This depression already happened to me twice. The first one was when my mom died and then it was Sherry. My mom also died of stroke that is why I was badly wounded when the same disease also took Sherry from me. I hope that I would never come back again to that state. It felt like that the world crumbled over me, as I had nothing to live for anymore. I was used to revolve my life around my one and only wife Sherry and she was the best wife that a man could ask for.

I am an only son and I am often mistaken to have an only child syndrome, but I have always proved people wrong and I am very proud of that. My parents brought me up to be a generous, kind and very outgoing young man. I did not experience being an only child as I always have someone to play with. I am still friends with my childhood friends who are also our neighbors up to now.

My dad is also a cop and I idolize him the moment that I knew that he was a public servant, while my mom is a full-time homemaker. I always spend my days with my mom and he taught me all kinds of things like cooking, fixing my own room and even sewing. She is a very good cook. Her friends used to push her to go back to school to study culinary arts, but she declined and she told them that she just wanted to take care of me good and she did a great job at it. Meanwhile, my dad was often busy on weekdays, but he sees to it that he spends his weekends with his family. We were just three in the family, but we are happy and contented. We also have two dogs named Gus and Boomer and we treat them as a member of our family.

My mom always cooked good food, especially during weekends when my dad is at home. The problem was that my mom’s favorite was red meat and that resulted her to have a cardiovascular disease, which led her to die of stroke. My dad and I were so depressed about it. I saw my dad always drinking alone at night on our porch, while I just cry myself to sleep at night. We used to be so close, but when mom died, we both became distant from each other. My mom was like the bond that glued our family together. Until now, my dad and I do not see each other as much. He went to Sherry’s funeral to give respect, but we did not talk about it. I told my psychologist about it and he suggested that I should also try to help my dad as he thinks the he still was not over with the death of mom.

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Epic Fail

It was a summer seven years ago and I was still with the Police department. It was really hot outside, so I tried to don a new look. I have been really curious about what is the fuss of the skinhead cut. I thought of it and I planned to give it a try since my hair is just going to grow back anyway, so I went to my favorite barber shop named Bruno’s and I had all my hair shaved off.

When I came back, my peers thought that I looked funny and I was. Ralph told me that it may take them some time to get used to my new look. They often tease me as egghead and it was all good fun. It was just funny that everyone else were complaining about the heat and I was not. They asked me if it was not really hot with my new haircut and I told them that the morning breezes past over my egghead and we all laughed about it.

I went home for dinner and my wife Sherry, was surprised that I had a new look. She told me that I looked sexy, but I did not know if she was kidding or not. I told her about the reason why I decided to cut my hair and she agreed, because she was also having a hard time dealing with the summer heat with her long, black, glorious locks of hair. I kidded that she also cut her hair like mine. She told me that she plans to cut her hair to a pixie cut and I told her that it is her own head of hair and we both laughed.

The next morning, I took a bath and when I was shampooing my head, I found some reddened spots on my head. It hurts a bit and I thought that it was just rashes because of the summer heat. I just wore a cap to work to prevent more rashes. When I took my cap off, I noticed that there more rashes and one even developed a pus. I was concerned, so I went to the department’s clinic and I asked the nurse if she knows something about my condition. She examined my scalp for a minute and she told me that it looked like inflamed ingrown hair. She recommended that I go to a dermatologist to take care of my condition.

It was dinnertime and I told my wife about what happened to my head. She told me that I should listen to the nurse. She told me that she could accompany me first thing in the morning and I thanked her. We went to the clinic and I showed the doctor my scalp. She took a look and told me that I have scalp folliculitis, like the ones describe by the professionals at She asked me if it was my first time to experience it and I told her that I was my first time to shave my head. She prescribed me antibiotics and asked me not to be tempted to scratch them to avoid scabs on scalp. She added that it would be itchy when it heals.

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stray cat

Stray Cats

As I was entertaining guests for my every day tours around the museum, we heard some strange noises. We all kept quiet and we caught something purring around the corner, so I excused myself from the crowd and went looking for the exact location where the sound was coming from. I saw a stray cat who looked like he was lost. I radioed the security to tell them about the cat and they told me that they are on their way. It was like an icebreaker as lots of people in the crowd were giggling about it, and at the same time, curious about where did that cat came from.

The security approached me and I gave them the cat. I asked them about what are they going to do with it and they had no idea. I thought to myself that I could use another pet to accompany me in my lonely home, so I asked them a favor to care for it while I am touring and as soon as I am finished, I would get back to them and get the cat home with me. I am glad that the security welcomed the idea.

It took me a good hour to finish the tour and to answer all the queries about the art gallery and then some kid asked me about what am I going to do with the cat. I told the kid that I would take care of it until someone from the museum went looking for him. Fortunately, there was a veterinarian along the crowd and told me that I should be wary of the parasites of stray cats as they could be contaminated with roundworms in cats or even mange in cats. I asked about how do I treat those kinds of parasites and he told me that it would be too long to discuss. Instead, he gave me his card and he told me that I could drop by his clinic anytime and have a consult about cats, free of charge. I was surprised, and at the same time, very thankful with what he said. He shared that he finds it refreshing that I did not think twice about adopting the poor cat, which he rarely sees that nowadays. I told him that I love pets and as proof, I already have two dogs living with me.

The next day was my day off so I thought giving the doctor a call. His name is Dr Wiggins and he seems very nice. I told him that the cat vomited last night when I tried to feed him milk. He asked about the appearance of the vomit and I told him that it looked like long, white spaghettis. He told me to drop by his clinic as soon as possible because my cat has roundworms. I told him that I could go there in an hour and he told me that he would wait for me. I hope my new cat would be okay soon with the care of the good doctor.

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golf clubs

Summer Golf Weekend

Ralph has been playing golf every week in a country club nearby my home. Last week, he invited me to come along with him because he told me that we both needed to exercise more, as our waists become bigger and I agreed about it. I told him that I have not played golf in ten years and he told me that it is okay and he will just give me a refresher course about golf. He added that he is allowed to have a plus one, with even free use of golf clubs and a cart. I asked him about who is paying for his membership and he told me that his son-in-law is a major stockholder of the said country club.

We agreed to meet at my house at around seven in the morning and I overslept. I was awoken by the sound of honking of Ralph’s car. I peeked in my window and I told him that I would be down in a minute. I did not have time to take a bath, so I just rushed to change clothes and brush my teeth. We went off to the driving range for him to give me a refresher about my swings. We started to stretch our hips and arms for a better swing and blood circulation. Ralph planned to play 18 holes with me, but I do not think that I could play through all that because of the summer heat. Good thing that I did not forget to bring a cap because it was really smoking hot outside. It took me about a dozen tries to get me the feel of playing golf again. He told me that is not that bad, so we teed off. It was really hot as I already have armpit sweat stains and I just ignored it, as we were having fun under the sun. It took us a couple of hours to finish a few holes, and then I felt itchy armpits. I told Ralph about it and he snickered a bit. I added that I did not have enough time to take a bath because I just got up when he pulled over my driveway. He asked me if I still could go on playing because it is my first time in ten years. I asked him if he also experienced numbness in left arm when playing and he was alarmed by what I said. He told me to sit in our cart and drink lots of water. He told me to wait for him as he rushed to pack our stuff. He added that it could be a sign that I was having a stroke.

We went to the club’s clinic and asked the nurse to take my blood pressure and it was a bit high at 160/100mmHg. She told us that the normal blood pressure should be 120/80mm Hg. She asked me if I had past experiences of the symptom that I just had and I told her that it was my first time. She suggested that I rest for a while and have myself consult my doctor to make sure of my condition.

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stephy dog

Curious Stephanie

Ralph called me earlier and told me that his daughter dropped her kid to his house because her babysitter cancelled on her last minute. He asked me if he could go here in my home and help him tend to his grandchild because he was having a hard time. He added that his grandchild is very curious as she was always asking him things that he does not know. I told him that it is okay since it is my day off from the museum tours.

Ralph and his grandchild arrived in an hour. He introduced his grandchild to me and she seemed nice. I asked about her name and she told me that her name is Stephanie. I invited them inside the house and Steph saw my two dogs. Ralph told me that she wanted to have her own dog for the longest time, but her mom does not want to have one because she has an asthma. Ralph and I were glad the Steph was having a good time with my dogs, because he told me that she was so bored in his home earlier. I asked her if she would like to feed my dogs and she told me that she wanted to. I gave her doggie treats to give my dogs and then she asked me can dogs eat bananas because her favorite fruit is bananas. I told her that she could try. I walked to my kitchen and fortunately, I still have a single banana on my pantry. I gave her the banana and her eyes lit up, as she was so thrilled about it. She peeled them and she gave it to my two dogs. The first dog who caught the banana first just smelled the banana and ran away from it, while the other dog smelled and ate it at once. She was surprised that one dog did not eat it. She asked me why did not the other dog ate it, and I told her that dogs are like people too who have acquired taste. I explained that bananas maybe her favorite, but it is possible that her granddad does not like it as much as she does and she understood what I meant. I told Ralph that he has a very bright and smart grandchild.

Stephanie and my dogs were having fun playing in the backyard, while Ralph and I were enjoying our cup of coffee. Moments later, Steph asked me if already bathed my dogs and I told her that I was supposed to give them a bath, but they came so I would give them a bath after they leave later. She told me that it would be nice if she could experience giving them a bath. I told her to ask her granddad’s permission first and she did. While we were bathing the dogs, she noticed that some of their hair was falling out. I told her that they already were taking fish oil for dogs to prevent more shedding. She asked why and I told her that fish oil gives my dogs a better coat.

Ralph told her grand kid to wash up as her mom called and she told him that she is picking her up in my home. Steph told me that she was leaving soon and she thanked me for giving her an opportunity to experience having dogs even for a moment.

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I have been so stressed the last few days because I have loads of group to tour to do. Normally, I would handle a group of three per day, but the demand increased and now, I have to tend to five to six groups per day. I managed to do it, but it resulted me with being so addicted to sodas and chips. My friends, especially Ralph, told me that I should avoid eating them, as I could get hypertension from it because all those salty foods might reduce blood flow to my heart, making way for a sudden heart attack that I would never expect to happen. I told them that it is my own way of coping with my stress. They just reminded me to keep it easy and I told them that I would try.

Days of junk food eating became weeks and I noticed that I had a hard time peeing. I also had an occasional right side back pain under my ribs. I told Ralph about it and he told me that he did not fail to remind me about those foods. He told me that I should get a consult as soon as possible, because it could be something serious. He said that he could come along with me in the hospital this coming weekend.

We went to the hospital this weekend and saw my doctor. He asked me what brought me this time in his clinic and I told him about what happened, while Ralph was laughing at me the whole time. He told the doctor that I was too stubborn to listen to him and the doctor agreed. He asked me about the smell of my urine and I told him that it smells like ammonia. He also asked if I experience lower left back pain and I told him that it is my right side, which has occasional pains. He told me that my symptoms point to a urinary tract infection because I consume lots of sodas, which contain caffeine and junk foods, which has lots of salt. He asked to me have to a urinalysis to confirm his suspicions.

Ralph and I went to the laboratory for my urinalysis. I was told that it would take an hour to get my results. We decided to hang at the café inside the hospital while waiting. After an hour, we went back to the laboratory to get my results and gave them to my doctor. He read the results and told me that his suspicions are spot on. He advised me to skip drinking sodas entirely, and drink lots of water instead. He also prescribed me a week’s worth of antibiotics to treat the inflammation. He added that I should also not eat chips as they could also give my hypertension and I saw Ralph smirking at me. I thanked the doctor for the consult and told him that I would try my best to make sure that I don’t binge on salty foods or sodas again.

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A Taste of Cold

Ralph, my long time police partner, used to have a salty taste in mouth for months and it was not bothering him at all, but I never hear the end of it as he always used to bring it up during our casual chats. I finally decided to do something about it and asked the Police Department’s nurse about it. She told me that such taste could be a cause of dehydration, but to be sure, Ralph needs to be examined.

I told Ralph that I consulted her condition to the nurse and he found it funny. I told him that I am just concerned with his condition because it could be something serious. I nagged him all day about it and finally, he gave in and he told me that he would have himself examined at the hospital first thing in the morning. I did not take his word for it, so I told him that I would come along and he agreed.

The next morning, Ralph picked me up at home and he told me that he also has frequent headaches and colds. I asked him why he did not tell me about it and he told me that he thought that if he just ignored it, then it will just go away and it did not. Our timing was perfect as there are not too many people at the hospital because it was still early. We decided to get a consult with an otolaryngologist who specializes in treating disorders of the head and neck, which includes the ears, nose and throat. The secretary asked us if we could wait for thirty minutes as Dr. Davis still has a patient inside his clinic. We were both surprised that there was someone earlier than we were. It was spot on, that after thirty minutes, a patient gets out of the clinic and the secretary told us that we could go inside for the consult.

We greeted Dr. Davis as he was reading Ralph’s form. He was amazed that he was a cop. He mentioned that his patient earlier was suffering metal taste in mouth, more information about this disease can be found here. We asked him if it was the same as Ralph’s and he told us that the other guy drank too much antibiotic. He then asked him about what brought him into his clinic and he told him about it. He thought about the information that Ralph gave him and then he suddenly tapped my partner’s forehead and he told the doctor that it hurts. He also asked him to open his mouth and put a flashlight to see his throat and then the doctor smiled and told my partner that he finally solved his problem. He told him that his salty taste in mouth is just a postnasal drip because of his sinusitis. We were clueless about what he was saying. He then relayed it on a simpler manner and told us that he should treat his cold because it was dripping into his mouth and then I laughed so hard telling Ralph that he was eating it every day. He prescribed him pills to take three times a day until his symptoms fade away.

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K-9 Unit

I love my dogs because they are very great and loyal companions for an old person like me, who is just alone in my home. I always find time to bring them to the park and let them socialize with other dogs from our community. I also always see to it that they are well fed and well groomed because I do not want them to experience what happened to the police dog in our Police department when I was still in the service.

Jarvis, the K-9 department head did not care much about our dogs, as he just loves getting recognition and popularity of their successful drug busts. I have heard rumors that our police dogs have not taken a bath for weeks and they reek of foul odor. I asked the K-9 department head about it and he told me to stay away from his business. I ignored him because I was worried about the poor dogs, so I went down to their cages and noticed that they were shaking and scratching their ears wildly as they have really foul, musky smell. I really care for animals, especially dogs and cats, so I contacted the dog trainer who used to train the police dogs and I told him about the dog’s condition in our department. He was worried and he told me that they should be examined because they could have a yeast allergy in their ears. He asked me about the smell if it was the usual dog odor and I told him that it was not. He told me that he would be here at the department first thing tomorrow and I thanked him because I do not want the dogs to suffer because of the K-9 head’s negligence and laziness.

The name of the trainer is Dan and he is also a veterinarian, so he knows what he is doing about animals. I saw him and he told me that he already checked the dogs. He also told our chief about it and he has a permission to treat them as soon as possible. I asked him if I could help him and he was glad that I offered help because there were six dogs that needed treatment. I bathed the dogs one at a time, while he cleaned their ears with a clean cloth. He told me that the dogs needed to be bathed daily until the symptoms fade off. He told me that he would also be administering allergy medicine for dogs to prevent further itching and scratching, which would lead to broken skin and lesion. He explained that this broken skin and lesion could lead to infection if not properly treated.

Dan told me that he would visit the dogs every day this week to treat their allergies. He also added that he already told the Chief of the dogs’ condition and he would reprimand the K-9 department head of his sloppy behavior and negligence towards our dog squad. He thanked me for calling him as soon as possible, because untreated allergy in dogs could be fatal in the long run.

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