Missing in Action

I have not heard from Ralph for a while and it is rare, so I got worried about him. I tried calling him on his cellular phone, but it does not ring. After work, I went to his house to say hi. I knocked on his door and I was surprised to see her daughter open the door. I asked for his father and she told me that he is sick for a week. I was taken aback by what she said. I told her that her dad did not tell me about his condition. I asked if I could see him and she let me in.

I saw Ralph on his favorite chair in his room. He was surprised to see me and he asked me what is going on. I told him that I should be the one asking him that and we both laughed. I asked him about why his phone does not ring and he told me that his line was cut off. I told him that I am worried about him because he always calls me almost every day. I asked about what happened to him and he told me that he has been experiencing fever, difficulty of breathing and some coughs. He told me that I was just in time, as they just came from the hospital for his check-up. I asked him how did it go and he shared that his doctor suspects that it is between bronchitis vs. pneumonia. He added that his results would go out tomorrow and he would go back with her daughter to get them. I told him to call me tomorrow about his results and I would come back again after work.

Ralph and her daughter went the hospital again in the morning. The doctor told them that his x-ray confirmed that he has bronchitis. He told Ralph to keep drinking water so soften up the phlegm in his throat. He was prescribed with a broad-spectrum antibiotic to be taken for ten days straight. He was also advised to refrain from doing strenuous activities as it could hinder his full recovery. He told the doctor that he does not want to feel useless in just lying in bed all day. The doctor told him that he could watch TV or read books, but it is advisable to keep him inside his home until he is healed. The doctor asked him about when was the last time that he smoked and he told him that he had a stick last week. He added that he has been trying to quit smoking for a few months and it has been great. He has not felt any withdrawal syndrome because he is quitting gradually. The doctor told him that it is an excellent move since he really needs to quit because of his condition. The doctor also cited a number of bronchitis remedies like chewing on a fresh basil and drinking turmeric with milk that could help him heal faster, more about these remedies can be found at treatingbronchitis.org.