Memories of Fishing with Sherry

When my wife, Sherry was still alive, we used to fish around our area. Suffolk, Virginia is filled with rivers and lakes with many fishes to catch like catfish, trouts and even bass. Every weekend, we see to it that we get out of the house and have frequent nature trips, which also became our bonding time. She used to tell me that I needed to give her more time on weekends because I was always busy on weekdays with police duties and I made an effort to give in to her wishes because I always wanted to give her the best that I can.

I remember the last time that we fished; it was almost two years ago. We planned to wake up at four in the morning, but we stayed up late that night, so we woke up late at around seven in the morning. It was still acceptable, but I expected that there would be people on my old fishing spot so we might have to find a new, good fishing spot. I double-checked the insides of my tackle box, as my wife sometimes take things off it. I checked the sinkers, bobbers, catfish bait, flies, hooks and it all looked good to me. Meanwhile, my wife was preparing our snacks and putting them inside the cooler. I told her to put in a six-pack for a merrier trip and she agreed.

We arrived at exactly 8am and as expected, there were too many people in the area so we needed to go further down the river. We got our rented boat and loaded our gears and food that will keep us company for waiting for our catch. As our boat moved forward, Sherry pointed her fingers to people noodling catfishes. She had no idea on what they were doing. I told her that they are trying to catch catfishes with their bare hands. I added that it is harder and trickier, but it is fun to do as I have tried it a number of times. She was surprised with what I said. I also added that noodling is also considered a sport. Normally, it is a two-man job, which consists of a noodler and a spotter for a higher chance of getting a fish. Noodlers search for shallow waters inside mud banks, fallen trees and submerged logs, while spotters act as their assistants in case they needed help with their catch.

Sherry was so fascinated with what I told her. She wanted to try noodling, but I joked that she should try on a Cory Catfish first and we both laughed about it. I promised her that on our next trip that I will teach her noodling and she was delighted by it. Too bad that it was the last time that we went on a fishing trip. I miss her so bad.

My friends still go out fishing and they always invite me to come, but I do not want to because the memories are just too painful for me. I am glad that they understand what I am going through and they told me that they would not get tired of waiting for me to move on. They even told me that they would keep inviting me week after week until I am ready.