Managing Breakouts

Our family is cursed with having the genes of getting full-blown acne during our lifetime. I was just fourteen years old back then and I knew what was going to happen because I saw what happened to my older brother’s face. He seriously looked like a full moon. Anyway, I knew what I had to do so I asked my mom for money to get myself checked by a dermatologist because pimples are starting to grow on my face and back and I didn’t want to wait until they become those big, nodular acne and scalp acne that my brother have. I was not sure that my mom was going to approve of my idea, but it was worth to try. I was surprised that my mom liked my plans and she even offered to come along with me to the clinic. She asked me when do I want to have myself checked and I told her anytime that she is free is fine with me.

We scheduled my appointment with the doctor this coming weekend and I was excited, but at the same time scared of what would the doctor say about my condition. The weekend came and I woke up early because I do not want to be late for my appointment. My mom asked me about the reason why am I up early and it is a weekend. I was going to explain myself to her and she laughed. My mom has always been a cool mom for me and I love it. She told me to eat breakfast and wait for her because she still needs to take a bath and change clothes. She added that it would take her an hour.

Finally, after a long hour of waiting, she came downstairs and she brought my older brother with her. I asked my brother if he was coming with us and he said yes. I was going to say that it was time to get him treated and our mom read my mind and before I could say anything, she smiled and told me to not do it or else. We both laughed and my older brother was clueless that mom and I were talking about him and it was so funny.

We arrived at the dermatologist’s clinic and we were the first ones to arrive. We were called by the receptionist and we entered the doctor’s office. I was surprised that the doctor was male. He greeted us and he asked our mom about her concerns about us. After a few minutes, he then asked my brother and me about it further. He told us that breakouts normally occur during the adolescent period as we have overactive hormones to blame and we have nothing to be ashamed about it. He explained that even with the cleanest person’s face, if he is going to have a breakout, he cannot prevent it from happening. He reminded us that we could just manage it by using products formulated for young skin and not using our mom’s products. I laughed as I knew that my older brother have done that once. He added that it is wise to scrub gently the t-zone regularly to help unclog pores of oils and dead skin.