Looking Back

I have been in the police department for over 50 years and I love it. I know it does not pay as much and it is a very dangerous job, but I take pride in it, as I love serving the people of Suffolk, Virginia. I just love the feeling of people saying thanks to me and telling me that I did a great job, it was really priceless and one of the most important achievements of my life.

My wife, Sherry used to overlook the reason on why I love my job so much. She was telling me that I needed to resign and get a safer and better paying job, but whatever I tell her, she cannot grasp the reason because she had not felt the feeling of being needed and my body longs for it. We even fought about my job when I was shot and had a shoulder subluxation.

It was 11pm and I heard our radio monitor telling us that there was a mugging incident of a young girl at the 21st street and I was the nearest cop on the scene so I acted on it alone. I saw that the mugger had a gun and he kept firing at me. I had no choice, but to retaliate. Unfortunately, I did not know that he had an accomplice and I was shot on my shoulder at my blind side. I heard police sirens everywhere and the muggers ran off, but they were seized by my peers. I heard someone shouting, MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! GET ME A MEDIC! And when I woke up and I was already on a hospital bed and Sherry was staring at me. She hugged me and cried, but I sensed that she was mad about what happened to me and I was right.

Moments later, the doctor came inside my room and told us that the bullet luckily was off a few centimeters away from my shoulder socket. He told me that I will be okay, but it will take time for me to heal completely. I would also be feeling severe pain in left shoulder and he prescribed me painkillers to deal with it. He added that I should wear a sling for months to keep my left shoulder stable. He advised me to take a leave off from work and rest my body to recover faster. Sherry has been just mum about things and I knew that she would burst with anger any day.

After a few days, I was already allowed by my doctor to go home as I already miss my wife’s cooking because she was not visiting me as much. I told Sherry that I wanted to take a leave of absence from the force for a month or two to rest my injuries and assess my life and career as a whole. I hinted that I might retire. She was happy that I was considering it for the first time in years because she always have feared for my life. I called my superiors and told them about my leave. They understood that I have to take a leave and they wished me luck about my full recovery.