Honeymoon at a Foreign Land

My wife, Sherry has always been a beach bum ever since she was younger and before she died. She always made a point to be healthy and fit all year long, so she can always flaunt and look good wearing a bikini at the beach. Every summer, we went to the beach and do stuff like snorkelling, scuba diving and playing catch with our dog, Rusty. She always see to it that we both put sunscreens an hour before we go out under the sun to prevent second degree sunburn. We learned that we really needed to wait for an hour before we go out and stroll under the sun the hard way.

About thirty years ago, we had our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand and we had a blast out there. Their beach is regarded as one of the best in the world and I agree about that. We spent a whole day beach hopping and still, we did not get to see them all. I love the laid-back scene at Kata and Karon beaches. The blue, serene and calm beaches with the ambient sounds of friendly waves was surreal. It was a perfect honeymoon if not for our sunburns. We thought that it was enough that we put our sunscreen on, and what we did not do was to let it dry first for an hour. We had a hard time finding a pharmacy, which sells a burn ointment because they were saying that they ran out of stock. Fortunately, we encountered a pharmacist who was so helpful that he taught us a household remedy of vinegar for sunburn. I did not believe him at all, but Sherry and I did not have a choice, so we went to a restaurant and asked them if we could get a small amount of vinegar for a price. It was a good thing that people there were generous as they gave us a half full or half-empty bottle, depending on how you see it, for free. We thanked their manager and told him that we were going to use it as a remedy for our burns. He shared that many foreigners suffer that same fate because they underestimate the sun’s rays and we agreed and told him that we learned it the hardest way possible.

We directly went to our hotel room and applied the vinegar on our backs and arms. It was soothing, but it smelled weird and we did not care because it was working. There was a free computer with an internet service inside our room so I searched the web about it and it was all true. I have read that vinegars are antiseptics that will help our wounds heal faster. If not for its smell, I will also use it outside.

Sherry and I were both relieved that we have something to treat our burns for the meantime. We asked the concierge of the hotel for a pharmacy that has a stock of burn ointments and they told us that they could buy one for us.