Feet Problems

My wife, Sherry used to work as a flight attendant for a certain airline. She has big blue eyes, tall, pretty with long and gorgeous blonde hair. The first time that I glanced upon her, she captured me right away with her beauty. I was on her flight because I was going to attend a seminar about police civic duties in California. My flight took over 5hours and I took that time to know her better. She was so friendly with me, so I took the chance to get her number. We dated for almost a year before I proposed to her and luckily, she wanted to spend her whole life with me and I am always thankful of that.

Sherry used to be bothered with her tailors bunion, you can find more about these at http://www.buniondoctor.net. She developed it on her feet because she used to wear high-heeled shoes all day with her work. I asked her if she could just wear flat shoes, but she could not because it was required as their uniform. It was really bothering her because it was causing her severe pain in her ankles and feet. There were also a protrusion of bones and redness on her feet. I suggested that she sees a podiatrist. I asked around and the people I know referred a Dr. Crawford. They told me that she is one of the best podiatrist around the area, if not the best podiatrist in Pennsylvania. I told my wife about her and she wanted to book a consult with her because she wants a solution to her problems.

We went to Dr. Crawford’s clinic and she was so warm and friendly with her patients. She even accompanies her patients outside. My wife’s name was called and we went to the doctor’s office. The doctor introduced herself and shook my wife’s hand. She started to ask her about her condition. My wife showed her feet to her and she agreed that it was a bunion. What can cause these bunions was my wife’s question to the doctor. She told her that wearing high-heeled and ill-fitting shoes cause them. She also added that heredity and arthritis could also be a factor. She told my wife that she needed to cease wearing her heels from time to time to give her feet the time to rest.

Sherry did not want to undergo a bunion surgery because she was afraid of the thought of the pain that was why she wanted alternatives. She also cannot resign from her work so she opted for the other treatments offered by the podiatrist like orthotic devices, such as custom-made arch supports and shoe inserts, which relieves tension on the base of her toe. She also tried specific exercises, which really helped her deal with the pain as the exercises help keep her foot muscles flexible. She also used bunion pads to keep the friction down to a bare minimum. The doctor also suggested my wife to fit her shoes properly when buying a new one, even though she already knows her shoe size because shoe sizes vary depending on the style and brand.